Projet sans but lucratif débuté en 2003, Qwartz permet chaque année aux indépendants de la musique électronique et des musiques dites nouvelles de soumettre des oeuvres à l'écoute attentive d'un jury de professionnels. Le public peut ensuite écouter en ligne et voter pour les nominés. Rendez-vous sur www.qwartz.org et votez pour l'édition 6. Clôture des votes le 15 mars prochain.

QWARTZ 6 Nominations
QWARTZ International Prizes for New and Electronic Music under the Honorary Presidency of Gudrun Gut, Alejandro Jodorowsky as Jury President

Jury officiel: Christophe, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bernard Parmegiani, Patrice Renson

Jury professionnel: Jocelyne Auzende, Alain Brohard, David Chauveau, Marek Choloniewski, Jean-Marc Clogenson, Hubert Michel, Damien Moreno, Kevin Ringeval, Remco Schuurbiers

Les prix seront attribués durant la cérémonie le vendredi 2 avril 2010 au Palais Brongniart à Paris

Catégorie Album:

  • Angst is not a Weltanschauung! by B.Fleischmann [Austria] – morrmusic [Germany]
  • Cities and Girls by Myra Davies [Canada] – moabit musik [Germany]
  • Everything in Shadow by Koen Park [UK] – Experimedia [US]
  • Five Panels by Monty Adkins [UK] – SIGNATURE [France]
  • From the Oriental School of dub by Fedayi Pacha [France] – Hammerbass [France]
  • Take My Breath Away by Gui Boratto [Brasil] – Kompakt [Germany]
  • U by Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English & John Chantler [Japan/Australia/UK] - ROOM 40 [Australia]

Catégorie Expérimentation et recherche:

  • [60]Project by Mathew Adkins [UK] - empreintes DIGITALes [Canada]
  • Esprit de sel by Hughes Germain [France] - Volume-Collectif / Césaré [France]
  • Invito by Per Samuelsson [Sweden] – Slowbeat [Sweden]
  • Kazagumo by Mokuhen [France] - PPT/Stembogen [France]
  • Knud Un Nom de Serpent (Le Cercle des Entrailles) by Lionel Marchetti [France] -
  • Intransitive Recordings [US]
  • Liedgut by atom tm [Germany] - raster-noton [Germany]
  • Teletai by Orphx [Canada] – HANDS [Germany]
  • TTK by Jose Miguel Candela & Miguel Villafruela - Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel [Chile]

Catégorie Découverte:

  • Astra & Knyst by Voks [Denmark] – Dekorder [Germany]
  • Dr Doom by Niveau Zero [France] – Dub Technic/Expressillon [France]
  • Dynamo by Rumpistol [Denmark] - Rump Recordings [Denmark]
  • Farsi le foto by Marcio McFly [Italy] - 51 beats [Italy]
  • Grigri Breakers vol.1 by Loan [France] - dtc Records [France]
  • Il Traffico by Maelstrom [France] – Expressillon [France]
  • Shoo Straight Shout by Cercueil [France] - Optical Sound [France]
  • Sur_Electronique by Dosage [France] - Dosage n°2 [France]

Catégorie Compilation:

  • Alec Empire Plays Staubgold: Rauschgold – Staubgold [Germany]
  • Best Of Boxon Records 2008-2009 - Boxon Records [France]
  • reciprocess : +/vs - BiP_HOp [France]
  • The Plastic People Issue - Double Entendre [France]
  • [sylt] remixes - Rump Recordings [Denmark]

Catégorie Anthologie:

  • Marc Behrens: Compilation Works 1996-2005 [Germany] - Cronica Electronica [Portugal]
  • Francisco Lopez: Through the Looking-Glass [Spain] – Kairos [Austria]
  • A Special Mention is dedicated to L'OEuvre Electronique de Luc Ferrari
  • A special 10 CD boxed set is published by INA-GRM and gathers the main works of the French composer.

Catégorie Titre:

  • A Tape End by :Such: [France] - autoproduction
  • Animal Territory in Animal Territory/Brenner by t.raumschmiere feat. Puppetmastaz [Germany] – Shitkatapult [Germany]
  • Get to fuck up feat dj Diess in The Missing Link by Tambour Battant [France] - Ozore Age [France]
  • Preliminari in Swarm Shake by thop [France] - autoproduction
  • Wie ein Vogel in Das Bierbeben by Das Bierbeben [Germany] – Shitkatapult [Germany]
  • Tasnw in Still Life by Fractional [Belgium] - The Centrifuge [UK]

Catégorie Dancefloor/Club:

  • 37/41 in electronic violence phenomena by The PCP Principle [UK] - HANDS [Germany]
  • Death rave (Jonty Skrufff's rewed up remix) in Death Rave by Motor [Germany] –
  • Shitkatapult [Germany]
  • Elle Routine in Musik Non Stop Uno [compilation] by Daniela La Luz [Germany] - Syncopated Musik [UK]
  • Hey Hotties! in TOTAL 9 [compilation] by Supermayer [Germany] – Kompakt [Germany]
  • Il traffico in Il traffico by Maelstrom [France] – Expressillon [France]
  • Kuchenblech in Rumpelritter by Shrubbn!! [Germany] - Musick To Play In The Club [Germany]
  • We in Hello World by Monosurround [Germany] - Citizen Records [France]

Catégorie artwork/packaging:

  • Greta Hoheisel [Germany] for Bukarest | Bucures,ti – fragmente by Greta Hoheisel &
  • Norbert Lang – Gruenrekorder [Germany]
  • Mikhail Karikis [England] for Morphica by Mikhail - Sub Rosa [Belgium]
  • Mounir Jatoum of La Commissure [France] for Split by Arnaud Rivière & Antoine Chessex - Le Petit Mignon [France]
  • Olaf Bender [Germany] for liedgut by atom tm - raster-noton [Germany]
  • Raphael Moser [Austria] for Recherche_00 by Heribert Friedl – Nonvisualobjects [Austria]
  • Staalplaat [Netherland] for Mort Aux Vaches by Yellow Swans - Staalplaat [Netherland]

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